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TommyCard Rewards Program

Let Us Reward You!

Earn at Every Visit

Present your TommyCard Rewards key tag or card at every visit to earn points for every dollar you spend on qualified purchases and start building your points toward your next vehicle lease or purchase. Qualified purchases include service, detailing, parts and accessories.[1]

ELITE - 15%
BASIC - 5%

Save Up to $2,500 Off Your Next Vehicle

What is the best part of TommyCard Rewards? When it's time to purchase your next vehicle, you can cash in your TommyCard Rewards up to $2,000 per vehicle for Basic members and up to $2,500 per vehicle for Elite members. Your points are over and above any manufacturer’s discount or incentive and can be used as additional money down for qualified buyers.* [2]

ELITE - Up to $2,500
BASIC - Up to $2,000


TommyCard Rewards customers purchasing or leasing a new or pre-owned vehicle at the time of enrollment will automatically receive Bonus Points.

ELITE - $50 In Points
BASIC - $10 In Points


All TommyCard Elite Rewards members will receive Bonus Points at the time of their membership activation.

ELITE - $50 In Points
BASIC - $10 In Points


Receive an additional $50 in Bonus Points when you purchase and install any set of four (4) new tires. This is in addition to the points you will earn for swiping your card while making a qualified purchase.

ELITE - $50 In Points
BASIC - $10 In Points


Earn Bonus Points when returning to the dealership for any factory included maintenance or pre-paid maintenance service.

ELITE - $50 In Points
BASIC - $10 In Points


If you have enjoyed your experience, please share it with a friend. Earn Bonus Points for each person that you refer to TommyCar Auto Group who purchases or leases a new or used vehicle. Must present completed referral forms to your sales consultant prior to purchasing a vehicle.

ELITE - $500 In Points
BASIC - $250 In Points

Earn Free Parts, Service, & Accessories

It pays to swipe at every visit!

Every time you earn points - whether it be for a paid service visit or for any pre-paid/factory provided maintenance - you also build points toward future FREE services. When a reward level is reached, you will automatically receive a gift certificate toward future service visits at TommyCar Auto Group.

No points will be deducted from your account when redeeming your certificates. They are simply our way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty!



Toward Any Parts, Service & Accessories



$20 TommyCar Gift Certificate



$40 TommyCar Gift Certificate



$60 TommyCar Gift Certificate



$80 TommyCar Gift Certificate



$100 TommyCar Gift Certificate

*Rewards and reward levels are subject to change. Rewards may be discontinued at any time without notice.